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  A Facelift for Your Chinese-Restaurant Experience in Washington

To the Chinese culture, Jade means a precious stone with five virtues, benevolence(仁), righteousness(義), wisdom(智), brave(勇) and honest and clean(潔). The name “Jade Palace” might first spring to your mind about the sacred palace that overlooks the Valley of Peace and that serves as the home of Po and the Furious Five in Kungfu Panda. Jade Palace Chinese Restaurant and Lounge finds its perfect and modern location in the Green Firs Village Shopping Center of University Place, Washington. It is going to take you on a wild sail to the uncharted lands of Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine, along with party banquets and the finest cocktail and a full-bar service.

As you walk inside, you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, a delightful and perfect marriage of antique vases and paintings and big, round, bamboo baskets hanging from the ceiling and lit up by the surrounding lights like a surreal but majestic moonlit landscape. The warm air and traditional Chinese background music folded in waves over the restaurant, and customers are first seated in a cozy lounge wooden chairs with soft, crimson cushions, and in front of the host station garnished with an exhibition of certifications and intriguing, on-sale crafts and eye-glasses holders. Helped by a hostess/host, now, as you enter the dining area, the space opens up with the capacious, round tables all arranged in two rows inside a bright room, whose walls are profusely decorated by promotional posters, and whose setting allows you to capture the wonderful views of the restaurant as well as of the corners for an intimate and lively bar and for big parties. On each table and around its central Lazy Susan lays napkins beneath tea cups and silverwares; “The spoons must always lay outside and diagonal for the convenience of customer and for the consistency of every table display,” says one server.

After you start to blend yourself into the nature and atmosphere here, the restaurant gins up your senses of the surroundings, as though those migrant cranes and peacocks, within those elaborately patterned Chinese fans under the ceiling, would at some points fly off the trees and land by you during your meal. As another pigment of imagination may keep you occupied while waiting for services and looking through the menus, the luxury of flowers within your booth makes you feel that when the sweet-smelling steam rises off your teas, soups and dishes, it stirs the currents of air inside and gently touches the flowers so that a petal would break out on the branch and carpet your table and add a quintessential value to your enjoyment. Taking a sip, a slurp or a bite is never a fleeting experience at Jade Palace.

The menu is particularly adventurous with potent combos and will leave you with a boggling decision after you first-hand experience all of them. Service is in an eager and efficient stage, as the crew deftly rolls trays of sizzling and fragrant foods around the dining room. The cooking is fast, fresh, hot, and vivid. Each signature dish, like General Tso Chicken or Almond Chicken or the lively union of vegetables, comes with a distinctive lush and aroma and has its way of imprinting on your memory. Jade Palace provides both dine-in and take-out food services every day during its business hour.

All of these are smart, layered, vibrant, and delicious enough to win over anybody who shows up thinking that Jade Palace Restaurant is still in its infancy—or in the sole business of delivering its food. It is groundbreaking. Since Po didn’t climb up all the stairs and tirelessly take up fiercely brutal trainings just to sell his noodles, Jade Palace alike strives for delivering passion and the “Dragon Scroll” in every dish and service you enjoy.

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Quan McWil

 02/14 Valentine's Day Special Dinner !!!!

$16.50 per person, service for two or more              Triple Delight
Barbecued Pork                                                           Deep Fried Prawns
Egg Roll                                                                       Pork Fried Rice
Honey Chicken

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Leadership Determined to Bring Jade Palace Restaurant Closer to


Buying an existing restaurant and bar offers many advantages including an established client base, brand awareness and reputation, immediate trained staff, but new ownership can generate concomitant problems with managing employees and keeping customers. After the Cheuk family, Tuan Tran and his sister are the compelling new faces behind the thriving Jade Palace Chinese Restaurant and Lounge in University Place. Having cooked at the restaurant and leading the chef crew, Tuan later landed on the chance of buying the business from the Cheuks and started to own and run the restaurant with his sister in 2008; Tuan still remains the executive chef and manages the kitchen very well. “Keeping everything the way it was, especially the foods and how long these dishes from Jade Palace have struck a position in customers’ hearts when they think of Chinese foods, is very critical to our success,” says the restaurant manager. Accordingly, they have made the most out of every moment when they recruit, train, empower staff and when serving customers, and their concerted efforts were all paid off with another coveted Best of the South Sound title in 2016.

The current Jade Palace menu isn't committed to any one region of China. Sichuan and Cantonese are two outstanding cuisines, but the roster also includes Vietnamese Summer Rolls, in addition to Sichuanese dishes like the “General Tso Chicken” or “Mongolian Beef” from western China, other dishes like “Prawns in Lobster Sauce” or “Thai Curry Chicken” are served with sauces that complement the natural flavors of the ingredients. They are dishes that have been adapted to the American tastes, without negating the restaurant’s backbone of its unique, Chinese palatability and elegance. Most remarkably, while Tuan says he's careful and wholehearted to listen to his diners, he also tries to stick to original methods and recipes that can best fulfil the majority of customers’ expectations. After purchasing the restaurant, the couple instituted a few new codes of conduct and policies, greater health awareness and built a significant staff and customer loyalty and efficiency, by making it easier and faster for customers to order-to-go from the restaurant, finding meals for special diets for customers of different appetitive desires, including vegetarian diet, appreciating them for patronage and long-term relationships. The restaurant heightened its responsibility in serving alcoholic beverages, and uses top-shelf spirits, fine wines, and specially blended drinks they’ve become known for.

The owners always respond to you with a warm and welcoming smile on their faces whenever they catch your sight, or respond with a pleasant voice whenever they pick up your calls, and of course ask their staff to show the same courtesies. They always rise to the occasion to address staff concerns, go over procedures, teach new ones, or simply learn more about the workers during their breaks. In the advent of someone calling in sick, Tuan is able to manage and problem solve, so that it doesn’t affect customer experiences whatsoever, and the restaurant continues to run smoothly with the growing, healthy and sufficient body of staff. Although some people assume that the restaurant only cleans before the inspection happens, this quaint notion certainly doesn’t apply to Jade Palace because, beside speed and accuracy, Tuan discusses and has everyone implement hygiene and cleaning procedures on a regular basis to ensure that the restaurant meets health standards, particularly the prerequisite for anyone, regardless of their tasks and positions, working at the restaurant to possess a food handling card. Jade Palace restaurant has also recently kept their online advertising fresh and provide social media connections to engage their customers with blogs, surveys, updated online menu, daily specials or coupons.

The Trans have never stopped going the extra mile to polish the name Jade Palace, making their authentic and delicious Chinese foods become a tradition of American lives for many people and for many generations, as well as elevating its niche in this multicultural tapestry of society.


Quan McWil

Join the delightful celeberation and visit Jade Palace Chinese Restaurant and Lounge on Saint Patrick's Day for the Special Green Beer and delicious foods. Happy hours from 4 to 7 PM offer you great deals, while shamrocks give you great luck.


Overcome the winter blues with a tasty meal at Jade Palace Restaurant and Lounge.  Our mission is to deliver superior Asian cuisine for bringing family and friends together.  Enjoy favorites like Barbeque Pork, Almond Chicken, General Tso Chicken, Mongolian Beef and a variety of special combos that will whet your appetite!  Also, take advantage of our relaxed bar with creative cocktail drinks and a juke box full of your favorite songs.


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This Mother's Day, Jade Palace Chinese Restaurant opens early at 12 PM. Take your lovely and wonderful ladies to a memorable and delicious lunch with Chinese Cuisine.

Reservations are filling up quickly!!!!

Jade Palace is opened on Memorial Day!

Let Jade Palace leave an indelible note on your long weekend with delicious Chinese food and committed services to everyone and especially our great heroes.

Our bar is also opened for refreshing summer drinks and music!!

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